If It's Saturday I Must be in Sri Lanka

Greetings from miles across oceans and eleven hours ahead of where I usually reside!

Harvest work is being done and you are a KEY part in the plowing of fallow ground.

I finally arrived late Friday night in Colombo,weary from all the flying (30 hours) but not too worse for the wear. I was greeted at the airport by Aaron and Elizabeth (who originally intended to hide just to scare me - but thought better of it)right on time. We headed out to the orphanage (it is closer to the airport) and spent a short night there.

Left early (6:30 am) to head to Ratnapura for the program. It stormed most of the night which brought some relief from the heat - but it is still HOT HOT here and very humid.Paul may have had his shipwrecks - but ... the driving here is EXTRAORDINARILY dangerous (and I have seen my fair share of scary driving and roads)

I thank God for the modern technology of DVD players because it keeps those of us foreigners focused on something other than screeming every two minutes when the driver passing on a blind hill curve at 50 miles per hour!

The program today was an educational event designed to bring awareness to parents and children about their rights. In recent months the government has even tried to pass a law to reduce the statuatory rape age from 16 down to 13 because too many men were being prosecuted!! Children need to know they have rights and can protect themselves and make good choices. Over three hundred children and adults were gathered to hear many different speakers - but in the end - you know they just wanted to have some fun and laugh.

I used their teachers to do a skit and they were rolling out of their chairs. Some of you may remember my story about the communist government gentleman from July - he was there again and just as gracious this time to see me and welcome me back to Sri Lanka and their region. We are settled into our hotel (the same one as last time) and will be in this area traveling out from our base camp until Wednesday.

Until all have heard

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