TGIF in Sri Lanka

Thank God it's Friday!

And for that matter I have been thanking Him each and every day for each one of you. As I sit here in an INTERNET CAFE of all things - on the other side of the world - A and I both are amazed at your willing hearts to stand in the gap while the battle is raging. We even got a sigh from E on the plans to pray at the JAF meeting on Saturday night.

Little by little - seeds are being sown - and HE is faithful to watch over His word to perform all that He desires. Today we traveled through Hambantota where the tsunami damage was very severe (14,000 people died in this area). The destruction is still very much evident, bricks and concrete, dead trees piled high, debris fields even approaching 10 months after the disaster. We can now picture the same will be said of our own recent disaster - evident for a long time to come.

Our first stop was the property purchased outside of town for the new orphanage AED has plans to build. It will eventually house 400 orphans. They will also build an orphanage on the Eastern coast for another 400. The goal is to serve 1000 orphans in the future. Unfortunately, the tsunami alone created over 9,000 orphans - all of whom are still residing in refugee camps scattered across the area.

Our program was at a government school for over 300 children. Since it is Friday and this area is predominately Muslim, school lets out at 12:30. Our program was shorter than usual - but we were able to distribute the books on suicide and child abuse. Afterwards, A saw some of the Muslim teachers in what looked like a heated discussion over the books. The suicide book is TOTALLY about Christ's answer for the despair in our lives. He asked the driver to interpret what was in the book - then just as the panic was rising to a head - the principle of the school walked up and asked for MORE BOOKS! For many children this will be the first information they have EVER received about Christ! This may be the ONLY information they ever receive about Christ.

In the past 6 days we have seen over 1500+ children and adults! A steady week of work for this "farmer in the fields". Praise Him for YOUR PART- as Paul writes "I'm not asking for my own sake - but what can be CREDITED TO YOUR ACCOUNT.

"When the roll is called up yonder" the thousands of Sri Lankan children and adults will be waving at YOU - thanking YOU for sending this farmer - and participating in the fertilizing through your faithful prayers and petitions. I know it seems like you are receiving updates a DAY late and some of you are. My access allows only so many emails to go out each hour. However, I AM 11 hours ahead of Central Standard Time.

Pray hard pray often and praise the King of Kings - HE IS COMING BACK

Charlynn in Sri

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