Those Who Go Forth With Tears

Our program at the church was very well attended over 150 children in the morning and around 50 youth in the afternoon. Each day has been filled with its own rewards - the many smiles and much much joy.

We traveled to Galle, through some of the heaviest hit tsunami regions. Even 10 months later - the debris is still lining the streets. Mangled and destroyed boats still overturned everywhere. Hard to believe that this area will ever fully recover and yet, there are signs of recovery and life being lived out one day at a time.

We stayed overnight in a rebuilt hotel right on the ocean front. So far they have been able to reopen 6 rooms. The restaurant had photos of the "before and after". The waiters were telling of how they ran for the hills as the twenty foot wall of water rushed upon them. A2 said "can you imagine the water up to that level" as he pointed to the second story.

No - of course we could not!

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