Singapore Sling Slang Slung

Next stop Singapore

My body feels like one big sweaty swollen toad. My clothes - well what was I thinking wearing a white shirt! I have the aisle seat for the next portion of the flight - I'm sad not to have the wall to prop up my narcotic slumber. But there is the drooling and circulation cessation that will be avoided. I feel every hour of 46 years old. Travel is hard on this old body.

Last leg of the journey - with much to anticipate ahead of me. The days and nights, drives, laughs, smiles collected and recounted for those who support the silliness of this unlikely adventure.

As I tried to post my interesting international intersections - I froze the computer (stupid mac or stupid me) but hitting an "F" key - well "F" this . With my info (interesting as it was) frozen to the screen I had no other choice but to pull the plug!

Alas, no reboot, refresh, restart - the screen remained blank.

And so I left Hong Kong my last look back was to a screen gone dark - "No Muse" is not amusing.

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